Battle-tested practices: We have developed our methodology based on a large number of projects in the area of product IT reliability.
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As interim manager, John Bodenstein has set up a comprehensive transformation program that continues to deliver improved stability of e-commerce systems". Director (Retail industry)

Crisis Management

Restore stability of the travel platform

Using a risk-based approach, we brought a complex application and infrastructure landscape from a state of crisis into full SLA compliance.

Project Management

Blueprints and governance for operating new cloud-native applications

We set up an Azure environment for a new e-commerce platform and integrated into the existing infrastructure, employing best practices for platform stability.

Interim management

Ensure scalability and stability of a complex application landscape in e-commerce

Ensuring scalability of a complex application landscape in e-commerce. After a series of shop failures, we delivered 99.99% availability and a smooth Black Friday Sale within a few months.