We live in a time of rapid market changes. The winners in tomorrow's competition are those who set up their services digitally and crisis-proof today. As specialists for IT stability, we help them to do so. We offer strategic and operational consulting for companies that have to develop and operate digital services and products with high quality.
How can we help?

Strategy and Diligence

Create organizational and technical prerequisites for stable services

Efficient organizations

Are the prerequisites in place to deliver scalable and stable services? We uncover potential for improvement in the product and software development cycle (PDLC/SDLC) and IT service management.

technology diligence

We prepare important decisions for investors and management: how do organization and architecture support the strategy? Is the technology viable, scalable and stable? What investments are necessary for further growth?

Risk Management and Continuity

Making the business crisis-proof: How do existing structures react to external shock? We evaluate how risks are handled and test contingency plans in realistic scenarios.

Crisis Management

Strategic and operational support in critical phases of instability - from coaching to interim management

"Rock Solid" program

Stabilization of complex software & infrastructure platforms in phases of instability. Our program addresses processes and technology in 10 steps and delivers continuous improvements.

Crisis Management

Crisis-proven interim management for CTO/CIO and IT Operations. In situations of upheaval we create the necessary calm to establish permanent internal management.


In researching the causes of incidents of critical stability problems, we moderate the process, provide analyses and create the roadmap for improvements.

risk-driven recovery

Create stability by working through the prioritized "risk backlog". We inventory the dependencies of applications, services and infrastructure and evaluate failure scenarios according to their impact on customers.

Stability Culture

Creating a quality culture in development and operations. Clear goals and feedback loops provide the framework, implementation is carried out by means of an adapted DevOps model, from SRE to "you built it, you run it".

Securing cloud transformation

To ensure the success of cloud migration, we address default risks, cost management and scalability limits. A core element are "Game Days" to explore the limits of systems.

Operational Excellence

Proactively align and test software and infrastructure for optimal scalability and availability

Prepare scaling events

Whether Product Launch or Black Friday, we prepare the operation of digital products under heavy load - from forecasting, architecture audit, game days, infrastructure scaling to event management.

Scalability & Resilience Audit

To what extent is a software project designed for scalability and robustness? By reviewing the project setup, we help to avoid surprises at go-live.

Observability & Monitoring

Knowing that there is a problem, and where the problem lies - we ensure that grown monitoring systems, APM and AIOPS interact optimally and reliably sound the alarm in case of "customer impact".

Knowledge transfer

Provide teams and individuals with proven methodological knowledge

Online / Offline Training

We offer training sessions and courses on topics such as operational excellence, DevOps, stable architecture and incident management.

Stability Case Studies

In workshops, participants work on case studies to stabilize complex systems, develop scenarios, and transfer their findings to their own situation.

incident management

For software developers, DevOps and Operations: Identify, communicate, understand, escalate, resolve and learn from incidents.