In the age of AI, remote work and war for tech talents, we help realign Development and Operations in order to:

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Optimize collaboration
  • Find strategic solutions for legacy applications.
How can we help?

Sourcing and Staffing

Leverage the international talent pool to make teams in the technology organization successful over the long term and to cover peak loads in conjunction with internal teams.

Sourcing strategy

We support you in developing a suitable sourcing strategy for your company, based on your architecture, your roadmap, your business environment and the skill profile of your internal team. We help choose the right engagement model (Augmented/Blended Teams, Dedicated Teams, Project-based) and geography.

Partner Selection

We support you in the selection of a suitable development or outstaffing partner, based on your requirements and our experience. Scenarios include augmenting the existing team with international top developers, building hubs for long-term collaboration or providing new teams to cover short-term spikes in demand.


Implementation a sourcing plan can pose many technical, organizational and cultural challenges. We help you navigate roadblocks on the way to a new sourcing model, so you can generate value earlier.

Software Delivery Excellence

Align value creation in software development and operations with business strategy.

AI-assisted development

Software development is being revolutionized through artificial intelligence. You company can be at the forefront of this movement and increase productivity throughout the entire software development cycle. We demonstrate the potential of large language models (LLMs) in your software delivery lifecycle, from requirements management to deployment, and support you in selecting and evaluating tools.

Value Stream & BizDevOps

It is important to do things right, but it is even more important to do the right things. We support you in aligning the needs of the business units with the capacities and capabilities of the development and operations teams using simple process models. This makes it transparent at the enterprise level into which topics IT efforts and investments flow and resources are allocated consciously.

Organizational Design and Team Topology

Often, a structure of the technical organization that has grown historically no longer fits the current corporate strategy and the planned target architecture. Based on your current situation, we analyze the target state and resolve problem areas, in order to make the technical organization significantly more efficient and focused.


By analyzing the entire value stream, we uncover optimization potential in terms of productivity, lead time, and organizational scalability. By measuring value stream KPIs, we identify ineffective processes and tools, which can then be revised.

Software Maintenance

Strategic handling of the further development of legacy software


Business-critical legacy systems are often technically obsolete, and it's hard to retain knowledge in the company on how to develop and operate them. From a technical, organizational and financial perspective , we offer advice on the right strategy for your legacy systems.


Handing over a legacy application to a suitable nearshore partner can be the right strategy for dealing with your legacy application: Successfully implemented, this approach ensures stable operation at a defined price and unburdens the internal team. We guide companies in their decision process on the way to outsourcing maintenance, and help with implementation.

AI Tools

AI-based wizards can greatly facilitate the maintenance of legacy software. This technology relies on LLM (large language models) and is not yet available as a commodity. We would be happy to advise you on whether AI-based assistants for your legacy software is a suitable option for reducing effort.


Laying the foundations for stable operation and further development


For stabilizing complex software and infrastructure platforms, we have developed the "Rock Solid" program as an iterative approach to align processes and technology around scalability and stability. Our services in this area include crisis management, evolution of operations processes, resilient architecture, observability, business continuity and IT risk management.

DevOps, SRE & Platform Engineering

You build it, you run it is easier said than done. We have implemented different solutions for various companies - from DevOps or SRE teamsto Platform Engineering - and will help you choose and implementation a suitable organizational model with requisite processes and tools.

Scalability Events

In e-commerce applications as well as in launch situations, traffic peaks represent a significant risk factor for the achievement of business goals. We have an approach, successfully applied in practice many times, to decisively reduce the risks of peak traffic times: from estimating peak traffic to simulation by means of load tests, uncovering risks by means of Game Days, to setting up a "Situation Room" organization for the peak event.

Coaching and knowledge transfer

Improve optimization of value creation in software development and operations at all levels through capability building and change initiatives.

Strategy consulting and review

AI, skills shortage and remote work are only a small part of the multitude of opportunities and risks you are confronted with. In strategy consulting , the focus is on not only tactically evaluating and dealing with opportunities and risks, but also on looking at them on a strategic level in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We are happy to support you with efficient formats and impulses.

Coaching and agile transformation

Our offer for coaching managers and teams in the software development environment improves communication, collaboration and understanding between the different stakeholders and thus establishes common goals and efficient ways of working. Depending on the context, we use methods such as Scrum, Kanban, Flight Levels or OKR.